KiwiSchools Website

The perfect “shop window” for your school to the world…

“I really like the easy way we can update the content.”

“Excellent value for money and it looks great!”

Comments from happy school website administrators.

At KiwiSchools, our focus has always been on keeping it simple for busy school teachers and support staff.

Keeping a website up to date can be pretty challenging, so we’ve taken all the pain out of the process, giving you, as one Principal described them, “Easy-as-lemon-squeezie” tools to do the job.

We have now introduced an exciting new look. It’s clean, modern and eye-catching. Most importantly, It comes optimised for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And it’s even easier to update than before!  Here are some examples.

Touch base with us today to discuss how you can “test drive” a new KiwiSchools site for you school — for free!