Design Options





Super-easy editing.
It’s simple to keep your site up to date
FREE “test drive” site — just ask!
Instant login for administrators
Now: No password!
NEW! Dashboard
A one-stop shop so admins can access all KiwiSchools services*
Responsive design
Your site looks great on any smartphone, tablet/iPad or desktop
Users can view your site in hundreds of languages
Community Calendar
Embedded Google calendar 
 Unlimited web pages
Flexible photo gallery options
Online forms
Absences, updating student details etc.
Simple home page
for smaller budgets
“Community Connect” panel
Richly customised
Stunning, multi-panel home page to create that first impression!
Community Calendar
with deluxe custom formatting
Richly customised, multi panel home page and internal page layout design
NEW! Newsletter module
Revolutionises creating and publishing, including translatable text
NEW!  Online enrolment forms
Intranet [password-protected website]