KiwiSchools NEW version 4.0

What’s so great about the new KiwiSchools 4.0 system?

Answer:  It’s so SIMPLE!

Here are the three key components that make KiwiSchools so much more than “just a website!”

The “Community Connection” for your school

  • The best way to make a first impression — remember, you only get one chance!
  • Your site is fully responsive (self-adjusting) for desktop, tablet, laptop and smartphone screens.

The perfect tool to stay in touch with busy parents

  • Send an instant message (also known as a ‘push notification’) to parent mobiles. Ideal for emergency or unexpected situations.
  • Your app also display key pages from your website e.g calendar
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We’ve been building school websites for nearly 20 years, but version 4.0 is our best platform so far, by far!  

As well as being beautifully designed by our team, your site will look great on any device — smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop screen.

We finally bit the bullet and created our own smartphone app which integrates seamlessly with the website, allowing you to send a notification to parent smartphones in an instant — perfect for those “just in time” messages when something unexpected happens.  It’s branded, of course, with your school logo and colours.

Finally, we’ve made managing your site, newsletter and app super-easy!  You decide who’s the admin for which communication tools, then these users then simply visit our Dashboard, and are automatically logged in (Google account required).  

How simple is that?


Note to KiwiSchools 3.0 customers:

Now that version 4.0 has passed all its post-launch test, we’ll be in touch to discuss how your school can upgrade.  

If you’d like to get to the front of the queue(!) just email Ella  at 
She’ll be happy to help!