If you’re not in the cloud yet, you soon will be!

There’s a transformation going on in NZ schools.

Every school we talk to is moving to the cloud – in essence, creating, storing and using “stuff” on the Internet. Reliance on in-school file servers and mail servers is diminishing rapidly.

Thanks to game-changing technology such as Google Suite for Education and Teacher Dashboard, the case is utterly compelling: why would a school purchase or lease server hardware, then pay technicians to maintain it, when the cloud offers virtually unlimited storage, hundreds of web services, online applications and much more… many completely free?

We’ve been helping schools move to the cloud for over five years now. We provide much more than just that initial infrastructure – most customers choose us to support their teachers with comprehensive Professional Learning and Development (available at school or – you guessed it – in the cloud!)

Have a chat to Jackie if you’re interested – and, of course, take a look at this website. It’s a whole, new world, but it’s the future for your students and, with a little help, “doable” by any NZ school (We have lots of customers with around 100 or so students.)