School Leavers

Q: What do you recommend at the end of the school year for students who are leaving our school permanently?  For example, to go to Intermediate/Middle/High School?

A: Firstly, their account can NOT at present be transferred to another school or even a regular gmail account.
Secondly, they may have a substantial volume of work, especially in Google Docs, they may wish to keep long term for, say, an ePortfolio.  Deleting their Google Apps account at your school will destroy everything!

So, our recommendation is to get us to move these students to a special Leavers user group (actually, a sub-organisation) which will allow them to access their account after they’ve left you, making copies of any work they wish to retain in a new/different Google account.  Email should be disabled in this group so students cannot send or receive gmail from your school’s email account.
We suggest these student accounts be deleted 12 months later.

This is a service we offer at the end of Term 4.  Please email us with a list of leavers before the end of Term 4, along with the date of your school’s last day so we can schedule this task for you.