Smartphone App

Just about every Kiwi these days has a mobile phone these days, and most of these phones are smartphones.

Parents with children at school increasingly want to be kept up to date with important notifications from school, especially unforeseen events.

The perfect solution is a dedicated smartphone app, and KiwiSchools is delighted to announce our next-generation smartphone app release.

It’s key feature is what you might call a “text message” (and is officially called a “push notification”)

You’ve all experience this when your phone goes “beep” or “ding” and there’s a box on the screen alerting you to something (important or not, we’ll leave you to judge!)

But if there’s an urgent situation at school, or an emergency, wouldn’t it be great to be able to “flick” a brief message to all parents, alerting them to the situation?

Because schools are such busy places, we’ve now integrated these notifications into the KiwiSchools Dashboard, so someone at school can jump onto their computer or phone, then type a message for parents in just a few seconds.

You’ll be pleased to learn that the KiwiSchools app is completely Ad-free!

Talk to your KiwiSchools account manager today about the new app.  It comes integrated with all new KiwiSchools sites, by the way.

Fine print:  Requires iOS version 9 or later;  Android version 4.1 or later