Why Choose Us?

We offer your school something no other NZ company can match — a truly unique suite of Communication and eLearning tools which can transform the way your school stays in touch with your community, while supporting teachers and students on the fascinating journey towards learning “in the cloud.”


We’ve been helping NZ schools for over 17 years now – always with a focus on getting the very BEST from the Internet. We’ve expanded beyond school websites to support Learning in the Cloud, a smartphone app to stay in touch with parents, and strategic advice on “Student Digital Pathways.”

Personal Service

We’re not a huge team, but we’re big on customer service! There’s no “one size fits all” plan. Everything we do recognises the unique needs of your school, your teachers, your support staff, your learners!


Especially in the realm of eLearning, reliability and sustainability are critical. We constantly hear of staff changes in schools we support — many schools now realise that putting all their eggs in one basket (e.g. with an ICT lead teacher) is untenable when that staff member suddenly departs.