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Why How Your Website Looks Matters

My website is functional – surely that’s all that matters? Ever wondered why notices go unread, why parents still call the office to report an absence and why Facebook gets more engagement from parents than your school website? A school website that is purely functional does not encourage parents to visit. For authentic engagement with your school site it needs to reflect the culture and values of the school and community. If whanau can see themselves and their tamariki reflected in the website they are far more likely to use this valuable resource. “The community engagement principle calls for schools

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Sustainability Project

When you provide website, newsletter & smartphone app for thousands of users around the country, it’s important that everything is super-secure and super-reliable! KiwiSchools has embarked on what we’re calling the “Sustainability Project” to ensure all our systems and infrastructure are as secure and reliable as possible. To this end, we now have new, high-spec servers, and a sophisticated monitoring and backup system provided by a third party.  We have backups of backups of backups(!) just in case of unforeseen disaster.  

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Back to school: supporting your students and community through the next wave of change.

Two months ago things changed dramatically and they changed fast. There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety for school communities. The country went into lockdown. The dust settled. Families adapted to new norms – distance learning, daily walks and bike rides, the constant bubble and a lot of hand washing. There has been a lot of change, a lot of talk about viruses and germs, and essentially, a ‘new life’ that young children have had to quickly learn and adapt to. And now, more change. As we prepare to re-open schools on Monday, it is just as important to support children and families in transitioning back into a ‘modified’ normal. Undoubtedly, a mix of emotions will flood in. Excitement and relief may battle anxiety and caution. After an extended period of feeling safe in their bubbles, coming back to their pre-lockdown environments may leave some children feeling vulnerable …

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