School Newsletter

Beautiful newsletters. Effortless management.
Create and distribute newsletters that are truly engaging.

Transforming newsletter distribution

Sending out a newsletter is not just about getting it into parents’ inboxes. It’s often an entire “process” – a process to ensure that the latest newsletter is available to parents throughout your various communication channels.


With KiwiSchools Central, that process is completely taken care of.

Enabling newsletter design

Effective newsletter design ensures critical information sharing. It means that important messages are noticed and read by your parent community.


The easy to use ‘drag-and-drop’ editor within KiwiSchools Central is a simple tool that enables your staff to create informative, effective newsletters without requiring any special design or technical skills.

Automated processes
reducing administrative steps and workload.

Self managing newsletter mailing lists

Parents can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from newsletter mailing lists without the involvement of office staff.

Automatic weekly saving and archiving

Your newsletters are saved week to week on the KiwiSchools servers, with the archive easily accessible by parents and staff any time.

School app and website integration

With KiwiSchools Central, your newsletter becomes available through your school app and website as soon as it is published.

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