Keeping it simple!

This, surely, is the key with LwDT. In the past, so much gobbledy-gook was used to preserve the semi-sacred status of LwDT professionals in schools! Now that LwDT is just one of many tools busy teachers need to do their day-to-day job, the only solutions that will work in today’s schools are SIMPLE ones.

So, here at KiwiSchools, we choose simple tools and then support their implementation for ALL staff. Not just your Techwhizzes, who, quite frankly, don’t need much help from us – they’re the people who stride confidently into any new LwDT scenario and teach themselves! But what about your less confident staff, whether in the office or in the classroom?

We focus on PLD for these people, and have a reputation for supporting the members of your team who most need support!

​Nice People // Personal service

Our team have been chosen because they genuinely care about customer service. We do our best to respond in a timely manner to all your inquiries.

Helping with the big picture!

We have lots of experience in helping schools sort out strategies for Communication in general and Digital Learning. Our team are happy to guide those vital “strategic consverations” in your school.