What an awesome website to work with!
I have updated the photo pages and made links to the 3rd party hosting service. I have uploaded staff photos on “Our People” and made a link to the newsletters on the home page – all without getting lost in the process. The time and ease in which all this has been done is amazing and is a testimony to the KiwiSchools system. Compared to our former site this so far is a breeze and pleasure to work with!

Ross Bishop

Principal, Tauranga Adventist School

It makes me look very efficient!

My favourite website features are the photo banners and menu tabs. The support from KiwiSchools is excellent as they keep in contact with regular email to remind me to update things or ask if there is anything I need help with.
The website is very good value for money. As for the the tutorials they provide, I have watched a few at the beginning but worked most rings out on my own. Very easy.
The website has been so easy to update content on. I can add and delete things within minutes and other staff are always amazed at how quickly I get things done on there.

Anna Sephton

Year 7/8 Teacher, In charge of E-Learning, Huapai District School

(KiwiSchools team are) very approachable and easy-going

I find all the website features are user-friendly. It’s so easy to update and I think the key to a great website is updating it regularly and due to the ease of KiwiSchools features this makes it possible which makes my job easy.

The quick response from the team is important to me and I have received this from the KiwiSchools team. Whenever I have a request or question I get a response quite promptly. They are very approachable and easy-going which makes me feel comfortable and willing to try things out.

The tutorials are so easy to follow and useful!

Tania Morrison

Principal, Tainui Full Primary School

(KiwiSchools team are) very approachable and easy-going

Very impressed with how easy it is to maintain…
My favorite features are the consistent layout and navigation across all of the pages, the scrolling banner photos which can be updated by the school when required, the Absence Form and the Newsletter email Sign-up
We’re all very impressed with how easy it is to maintain the content of the site. Teachers like the fact that they can draft a piece of content and then have the principal QA it before it gets published.
I have used the online tutorials to find out how to add a video to the site. The video-based tutorial was very well done and allowed me to get the job done without any problems.
We think KiwiSchools is great value for money. The amount of time administering the content on the old website (pure HTML based) was a lot and no-one (except me) who has some HTML skills was able to change content. Now all the users loaded have the ability to change content at their leisure.
The experience overall has been very positive. Dealing initially with Paul when deciding whether KiwiSchools was the right solution for Rewa Rewa (given our limited budget) was very pleasant and there was plenty of emails and good timely responses when queries were raised. After sales support from Sheree and Rosemary has also been good as they follow up my outstanding issues and queries.

Richard Stent

BOT, Rewa Rewa School

Updating? Easy as lemon squeezie!

From a “shop front” point-of-view, I find it very easy to update and manage. It has simple but effective features for the purpose.
We recently conducted a communication survey with our community and “the new website” topped the list of most-used method to keep updated!
Teachers have been great in taking up the challenge of enhancing learning through digital pedagogy techniques…and whanau really enjoy the window straight into the their children’s classes through the blogs.
The personalised professional development is perfect for the range of needs we have. We are being supported through changes that help us work smarter together, rather than harder individually.
I’d say our site is very good value for money.
Really like the video tutorials – more face to face videos, please

Laurayne Tafa

Principal, Stanhope Road School