COMMUNICATIONS for today’s world

KiwiSchools — School Websites Made Easy!

Beyond being ‘mobile friendly’, the site we build for your school is optimised to work fully on smartphone and tablet devices as well as full screen size laptop and desktop machines.

To keep content fresh and messaging current, you are enabled with the ability to allow authorised school staff members to easily edit and update your site.

Your website, designed and supported by KiwiSchools, will be built on a modern, sophisticated platform and tailor-made to your requirements with an exciting, high quality design that we work closely with you on, to ensure your site fully encapsulates the profile of your school, messaging, imagery, quality education delivery and community connections.

NEW! getAPPandGO — smartphone app

We’re delighted to offer a new way to stay in touch with busy “on-the-go” parents!
It’s an app that parents download (for free, of course!) to their smartphone – we’ve called it getAPPandGO.
Whenever there’s an important message you want to send to parents, just type it and send it… TADA!

Communications Plan

We’ve been advising schools on the most effective ways to contact parents, caregivers, prospective parents, past pupils and the wider community for nearly 17 years now, and we’re happy to share our experience with schools wanting to ensure they utilise all the available communication channels on offer, including social media.

eLEARNING for tomorrow’s world

Learning in the Cloud
We’re proud to support some 30 schools with the comprehensive eLearning package we call Learning in the Cloud. It’s customised to meet the particular needs of your school and includes both PLD (Professional Learning and Development) and admin/tech support, creating a seamless, sustainable eLearning platform.

Google Suite for Education
Most NZ schools now use Google Suite for Education. It has the capacity to take collaborating and sharing to levels which were unthinkable even 5 years ago! We support all your staff, from the experts to the computer-shy. We configure Google Suite to run super-efficiently. We look after the tricky but vital “back end” to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Hapara: Teacher Dashboard
Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard makes life easier for busy teachers—full stop! Teacher Dashboard, Workspace and Highlights allow busy teachers to create eLearning environments for their classes, including differentiated learning.

Student Digital Pathway
We’ve helped several school develop a customised Student Digital Pathway, in readiness for the requirement for Digital Learning to be included in the curriculum from 2018.
It’s vital to have a plan for optimising the various communications channels (digital or traditional!) to stay in touch effortlessly and effectively with your school community.